About Us

Top of McDonald Peak
photo by David Chapman

AWTA is a non profit (501c3), volunteer organization that works in conjunction with the USDA Forest Service, Ashland Parks and Recreation, and the Ashland Forest Lands Commission to create and maintain a variety of trails used by hikers, runners, bikers, equestrians and other users in the Ashland watershed. Additionally, we work with the Pacific Crest Trail Association to maintain sections of the PCT near Ashland.

The AWTA’s mission is to create a master trails and open space connectivity plan for the people of Ashland. Our vision is a comprehensive system of trails and open space encircling Ashland, connecting our neighborhoods and the downtown in an “emerald necklace.”

In addition to sharing leadership in the development of the master trail and open space plan, the AWTA raises funds through grants and private donations to purchase open space and fund trail construction and maintenance.

AWTA has recently purchased TRAFX Trail Counters (www.trafx.net) to gather data on pedestrian and bike traffic on our trails in and around Ashland. We hope that use information will help guide resource allocation and trail planning by the City of Ashland and the USFS.

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