Trail Work

Trail Work Opportunities (2018)

Making great progress on the Wonder trail 2/26/18

Trail work (i.e., building and maintenance) is one of our main activities (events) because we are physically able to create and maintain trails and trail access in the Ashland watershed. AWTA and its volunteer members have been responsible for building and maintaining many miles of trails.

We need people like you to come out and help us create trails for today and for future generations. It’s a great way to meet new people, see Ashland’s newest trails, and get some exercise. Come on and join us!

Our next trail work day is scheduled for Saturday June 2, 2018.

WHAT: Trail maintenance.
WHEN: Saturday June 2. We’ll meet at the Bandergate parking lot at 10:00 am and work until 3-ish (with plenty of breaks!) Please arrive early to fill out once-a-year AWTA waivers if you haven’t already.
WHERE: We’ll meet at the usual parking area at Bandergate above Lithia Park. This is near the Waterline and Bandersnatch trailhead. There is lots of parking.
BRING: Gloves and water, snacks maybe. Wear sturdy boots. Rain gear? (BTW, rain does not cancel)
Beer and Pizza to Follow: AWTA is sponsoring beer and pizza after (location to be announced).
Stuff to Know:
We will car-pool up a dirt road (FS-2060 aka Ashland Loop Rd). We will then walk up to the trail area.
AWTA will provide tools.
We’ll divide into groups; each group will have an experienced “trail boss” with them to provide instruction about how to proceed. You do not need to be an experienced trail builder.
No Children Under Age 15. Under 17 needs signature of parent/guardian.
There is some hiking on side slopes.
There poison oak in this area, though it is not yet in its most virulent form.

Our next trail work day will be announced soon. Check here or on our Facebook page for updates.

Scheduled events are subject to weather conditions and additional events may be added. Complete a membership registration on this site to be included in email reminders prior to events. For additional information or questions on events, see our Facebook page and/or email us at . More details to come.

For updates and more details, check here or on Facebook