11. Mt Ashland - Time Warp - Marty's - Lizard - Jabberwocky MTB

  – Distance: 14.8 miles
  – Min/max elev.: 2217’/7016′
Elev. gain/loss: 675’/-5021′

Starting at Mt Ashland, head west through the Mt Ashland parking lot and onto FS Road 20. Turn right up the Mt Ashland access road (FS 300) until reaching the Time Warp TH. Turn down Time Warp for a wild ride to 2060. Turn right on 2060 and head to Four Corners. Head directly north–straight–to find the Catwalk trail. After a short bit of technical section, look to your left for the Marty’s trail. Follow this gently uphill and then proceed downhill to join Caterpillar. Again, follow gently uphill before you turn right onto Lizard. Lizard in turn dumps you right into the start of Jabberwocky which will take you to Waterline and the Witzend TH.