Wonder-FOK intersection

Double-Sided Double-Hump 1

  – Distance: 11.5 miles
  – Min/max elev.: 2189’/4041′
  – Elev. gain/loss: 2731’/-2731′

This is mostly for runners who are looking for multiple uphill-downhill sections; many of the Ashland watershed runs are all up and then all down. Starting at the Witzend TH, head south on Glenview Rd to Granite St and turn left up FS Rd 2060 for ~1.7 miles to Wonder. Head up Wonder until reaching the intersection with Fell on Knee (at the lunch rocks). Turn left (uphill) on Fell on Knee for ~.5 miles and turn left on Hitt Rd. and left again at FS 2060. Follow 2060 all the way back down, past the Fairy Ponds TH and head right on Glenview (above the swimming reservoir) to Waterline and then up Bandersnatch, crest over Alice and down the east side of Bandersnatch then turn left on JubJub and right on Lower Red Queen. Turn left on Ashland Loop Rd and follow it to Witzend trail and trailhead.

Created by Torsten Heycke. Updated May 30, 2020.

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