PCT near Grouse Gap

Grouse Gap Loop

  – Distance: ~5.4 miles
  – Min/max elev.: 6515’/6782′
  – Elev. gain/loss: 360’/-360′

Starting at Mt Ashland, head west through the Mt Ashland parking lot and onto FS Road 20.…

Mt Ashland from Wonder

Wonder Out and Back

  – Distance: ~8 miles
  – Min/max elev.: 2200’/3550′
  – Elev. gain/loss: 1660’/-1660′

Starting from the Fairy Ponds trail head, follow Wonder 4-miles up all the way to the Lunch Rocks at the intersection with Fell on Knee and then 4-miles back down.…


Mt Ashland to town via Dirt Roads

   – Distance: 11.1 miles
   – Min/max elev.: 2217’/6569′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 33’/-4385′

Sometimes you want to take the easy way down the mountain and this is one of those routes, probably the most direct and quickest, but also potentially full of hikers, runners and uphill bikers.…

Corp Camp view

Mt Ashland to town via a mix of roads and trails

   – Distance: 17.4 miles
   – Min/max elev.: 2217’/6569′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 662’/-5019′

Sometimes you don’t want the challenge of unrelenting single-track, but you’re OK with some climbing on the way down, especially if you get some good views; this might be your route.…


West-side Loopty Loop

   – Distance: 15.2 miles
   – Min/max elev.: 2011’/4252′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 3600’/-3600′

This route is mt bike and pedestrian. NOTE: bikes must ride up Wonder. More description coming.…


2060-Horn Gap Rd – Potlicker Loop

  – Distance: 18.1 miles
  – Min/max elev.: 2209’/4915′
  – Elev. gain/loss: 3076’/-3076′
  – Pedestrian and Mt Bike

Starting at Fairy Ponds TH, head out FS Rd 2060 for ~3.6 miles.…

FS 2060 creek

Watershed Loop Road

   – Distance: 25 miles
   – Min/max elev.: 2189’/4950′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 3382’/-3382′

This is the simple, road-based route around the watershed, using mostly FS-2060 and the Ashland Loop Rd, counter clockwise.…