Wonder near FOK rocks

2060 – Wonder – FOK – Ricketty – No Candies – Horn Gap

   – Distance: 15.7 miles
   – Min/max elev.: 2213’/4882′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 3070’/-3070′

This is a pedestrian and mountain bike route.
From Fairy Ponds TH, head southwest on FS 2060 (aka Lithia Loop Trail) for ~1.7 miles. Turn right up Wonder trail and follow this up ~1.5 miles. At Fell on Knee, turn left and follow Fell on Knee for half a mile to Upper Hitt Rd (2060-300) and turn left again.  Follow Upper Hitt for ~ .5 miles to FS 2060 and turn left again. Descend for ~1.7 miles and turn right on Horn Gap Rd and then turn immediately right again up Ricketty Tr. After ~.6 miles of climbing, arrive at FS 2060 and turn right briefly before turning left and up FS 2060-400. Follow FS 2060-400 until reaching No Candies. Turn left and follow No Candies for ~2.25 miles. Cross FS 2060 and head down Horn Gap trail for roughly 1 mile and turn left on Horn Gap Rd. Stay on Horn Gap Rd for ~2.8 miles to reach FS 2060 again. Turn right on FS 2060 and return to Fairy Ponds TH after ~3.5 miles.

Created by Torsten Heycke. Updated May 30, 2020.

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