Torsten Heycke (President)
My goal is to direct people to build and maintain trails so I can run, hike, and ride them. I think there is something empowering about trail work: it’s tangible, immediate and you get the satisfaction of “agency”: that you can effect change for the better. I like the idea that people are out enjoying Ashland’s trails and AWTA might have had something to do with that.

John Price (Vice President)
I’m happiest when I have my feet and hands in the dirt. I’ve even been
 known to revel in the use of a crosscut saw for removing fallen trees
 from trails. When I started trail running in Ashland back in the 80’s,
we had only one quasi official trail in the watershed that was only
 about a mile long. Trail building and maintenance for me is a legacy 
project that I truly hope will be enjoyed by Ashlanders long after I’m 
gone. In the meantime I’ll be out joyfully running, hiking and biking our 
trails whenever I can.

Joseph Chick

Joseph enjoys working on trails and trying to convince other people
roughly his age and younger to join him in his efforts. He’s an avid
 trail runner and is grateful for the amazing trail system that AWTA 
has put together over the years. He was talked into taking over the
 Mt. Ashland HillClimb in 2014 (pretty sure that’s right) and has 
managed to not yet completely mess it up. Since then we have added a 
second trail race as a means to help support AWTA, which he also has
 managed to facilitate with minimal mistakes. He takes particular joy 
in the thought of raising his 3 year old daughter to be active on the
 trails, and has been introducing her to them through hikes as she 

Camille Siders
After spending too long running on the roads, I turned to trails and won’t ever go back. I feel very lucky to live in a town with so many trail choices, so it seemed logical to help build new ones. I like running along and finding a stretch of trail I helped build. I like meeting new people while building trails, and feeling a connection to the running and hiking community. I also love the fact that I’ll run into all kinds of people (and dogs!) enjoying those trails. AWTA has made Ashland a better place to live by getting people out in the watershed, and I’m excited to be part of continuing that work.

Katie Larsen
After several years of visiting Ashland my husband and I landed here permanently with our two young boys in the summer of 2019. 2020 was a tough year for most of us and between hiking, mountain biking, running and skiing the local trails saved all of our sanity. I am so excited to be a part of the AWTA in helping to create and maintain the trails that I know bring the same joy to others that my family has experienced as well as help educate the next generation of trail users on how we care for our amazing community and its wonderful resources.

Andrew Gast
I’m in love with exploring the natural spaces around us, and for me that comes most often in the form of running, biking, and alpine touring. I cherish my daily trail time and love introducing our trails to my children and friends. I’m excited to be a part of our trail community and to support everyone I see out hiking, running, and riding our beautiful trails!

Jessica Fisher
My wife and I landed in Ashland in 2018 when we relocated from the Bay Area (both natives) for her job at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  I’ve never liked running…..until I did it on the trails here in Ashland. One group run and I was hooked! I’m a big fan of anything that gets me moving and in particular outdoors (I’m on the Rogue Rowing competitive racing team and CrossFitter enthusiast at Iron Haven Fitness).  I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and I enjoy being a part of giving back to the community that gives me so much.

Scott Mulkins
I believe that the work of the AWTA is an indispensable component to creating and maintaining treasured resources that are so critical to the high quality of life in Ashland. Being fortunate enough to live right next to the watershed and having access to multiple trailheads steps from my door, I have come to rely on this growing network of trails for my health, sanity, and overall happiness. They’ve created a passion for hiking and mountain biking in my kids, inspired my wife to solo hike the the PCT from the CA/OR border to the OR/WA border, and helped me continue to be as healthy as possible in my post-cancer journey by training for various trail races/events. While I’m slow and just happy to be able to finish races, every time I’m out there training or racing, I am able to truly live my version of what it means to thrive. Because the trail system resulting from the work of the AWTA has become so foundational to the life that my family and I have created since moving to Ashland in 2015, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a member of the AWTA board in an effort to give back to the trail community and at the same time help ensure the continued evolution of this amazing trail infrastructure for years to come.

Pete Wallstrom

I have lived in Ashland for over 18 years and love having a trail network right out my front door. I believe in environmental stewardship through advocacy by experience – that getting people out into wild places and public lands creates advocates that will love and want to protect those places. And that wild places are best protected when a wide range of people know and love them – a mix of more ‘outdoorsy’ people and those who may only occasionally get to spend time in them. I think the Ashland trail network is a perfect example of how to make the outdoors accessible to a wide variety of people. It is truly incredible.

Updated August 26, 2022