Trail Work

Trail Work Opportunities

Trail work (i.e., building and maintenance) is our main volunteer activity. You do not have to be a seasoned trail worker to join us as we have many experienced “trail bosses” who can help you get started and guide you along. While you have to be reasonably fit to hike to the work site and do the work, we will often have brushing work (removing encroaching madrone limbs and poison oak) that involves nothing more than operating loppers.

We need people like you to come out and help us create and maintain trails for today and for future generations. It’s a great way to meet new people, see Ashland’s trails, and get some exercise. Come on and join us!

March 18, 12:00 working on White Rabbit Trail, meeting at the Witzend Trailhead (AKA Bandergate). If you haven’t already, please bring signed waiver (you can download and print the first pages of both the AWTA and Parks and Rec waivers here). IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check our Facebook page for latest info (in case of rescheduling due to weather, for example).

NOTE: COVID precautions may apply. We strongly discourage unvaccinated people from participating.

Join our email list (below) and/or Facebook for last minute info.  Come early to fill out once-a-year waivers if you haven’t already. Or bring with you.

Typical general info:

BRING: Gloves, water, snacks (optional), sturdy footwear.

Beer and pizza to follow(?): Depending on COVID conditions, AWTA may be sponsoring beer and pizza after (location to be announced).

Stuff to know: 

  • This may be on side-slopes.
  • This can be hard work.
  • We may be in poison oak areas.
  • AWTA will provide tools (but you have to carry them up and down).
  • We’ll divide into groups; each group will have an experienced “trail boss” with them to provide instruction about how to proceed. You do not need to be an experienced trail builder. 
  • No Children Under Age 15. Under 17 needs signature of parent/guardian.

Scheduled events are subject to weather and soil conditions. Additional events may be added. Complete a membership registration on this site to be included in email reminders prior to events. For additional information or questions on events, see our Facebook page . More details to come.

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Last updated March 14, 2023.