Red Queen

Red Queen

Red Queen is a popular hiking and running trail in the lower eastern side of the Ashland watershed.

At the low end, this trail starts on the Bandersnatch trail just above the Snark Trail. It rolls at an essentially flat grade for the first 6/10ths of a mile and then climbs steadily at an average grade of 9% up to Caterpillar Crossing (where Caterpillar crosses 2060 and where Lizard ends and Jabberwocky starts). Mature Ponderosas are adjacent to the trail in several locations. Vistas of Mt Ashland and other peaks are frequently admired here.

The Jabberwocky downhill mountain bike trail is just below, which can either be a distraction or welcome entertainment.The Gryphon Trail (pedestrian-only) intersects with the Red Queen Trail at about 0.4 miles and makes for a good loop with Red Queen and Bandersnatch.

One can also hike up Red Queen and then at the top, turn right up the Caterpillar Trail to the Lewis Loops: Gyre and Lewis Loops: Gimble for various combinations. Alternatively, turn left onto the Caterpillar Trail and continue down to the White Rabbit Trail to Alice in Wonderland and then take Bandersnatch west or east. There are many loop opportunities.

Poison oak is visible on the sides of the trail and occasionally leans into the trail, so keep an eye out.