Route Search

Map Instructions

  • Zoom in to see trails and trail names. Zoom out to see entire watershed.
  • Click on trails to bring up pop-up with general info about that trail as well as links to routes including that trail.
  • Click on Trailheads icons to get driving directions, if needed. These will be Google’s and seem to be generally accurate. For dirt roads, make sure gates are open.
  • Maroon trails are downhill direction mt bike trails.
  • Un-named trails are not official and may be on private property. Don’t go there.

Route Finder Examples:

  1. Find hiking routes that are between 5-10 miles: select Hiking/Running from the Type of Use menu and 5-10 miles from the Length menu.
  2. Find hiking trail routes starting at Witzend: select Hiking/Running and Witzend trailhead.
  3. Find all routes that include, say, Jabberwocky: select Jabberwocky only from the trails selection.

The more options you select, the narrower your search results will be. But, if you select Hiking/Running and Jabberwocky, you will get no results because Jabberwocky is a downhill mt bike trail. NOTE: not all searches will yield results…many obvious routes have not been created yet.

Unofficial trails are not included.