Snark is a relatively unknown gem in the lower Ashland trail system connecting Waterline Trail to Bandersnatch with quick access to Red Queen. On the low end, it features some quiet, shaded forest areas and then climbs, often steeply, up to some sunny slopes to Bandersnatch.

This trail is a great alternative to the lower part of Bandersnatch and has very little traffic. Bikers seem to try this early in the morning and are seldom seen beyond that. Steep sections may be daunting for some hikers in the dry time of year because of the ball bearing like nature of the decomposed granite surface.

This trail is more primitive–narrower and steeper–than most in the area and that is some of its appeal. On the other hand, the poison oak laps at your ankles, so beware.

Distance 0.9 miles

Average grade 9%

Elevation high 2,729′