SOB 100k Race Route

   – Distance: 60.15 mi (actual is closer to 62)
   – Min/max elev.: 2931’/7469′
  – Elev. gain/loss: 11,564’/-11,564′

Starting at the Mt Ashland lodge, head southwest through the parking lots to Road 20 briefly, before veering left on FS 40S15. Shortly, turn right onto the PCT for ~8.3 miles to Siskiyou Gap. Rejoin FS Rd 20 for ~3 miles to get to Wrangle Gap, where you will rejoin the PCT for ~3.5 miles until the turn-around at the Jackson Gap AS. Follow Rd 20 again heading east, for ~3 miles back to Wrangle Gap, where you will turn left onto the PCT. Running around Big Red Mountain, you’ll be back on the PCT for ~7 miles until the Willamette Meridian AS, where you will rejoin Rd 20 for ~1.4 miles to the Split Rock trail. After ~3 miles, turn right onto the Wagner Glade trail and down to FS Rd 2060.

At the Potlicker AS, turn right down the Potlicker trail for ~.5 miles to Horn Gap Rd. Turn left and head down the road for ~2.7 Head down the road, passing the Ricketty Aid Station to 2060. Turn right and follow 2060 for ~2 miles and turn left and up the Wonder Trail. A climb will take you to Fell-on-Knee Trail where you will take a right, heading down to Hitt Road. Turn left onto Hitt Road until reaching 2060 and turn left and down 2060 to Horn Gap Road again to the Ricketty AS. Head up Ricketty. At the top of Ricketty, take a brief right and then a left up a FS road  to the No Candies Trail. Head south on the No Candies to Road 2060 at Horn Gap. Pass the Potlicker AS and enjoy a (comparatively) flat section of Road 2060 to the Time Warp Aid Station where you will climb ~3 miles to FS 20-300, turn left and climb to the top of Mt Ashland. Follow the route signs to return to the Start/Finish at the Mt Ashland lodge. For more info: SOB Website.

Updated by Torsten Heycke 05/16/2020

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