Trail Safety

Mountain bike traffic awareness

Because there are multiuse trails (for example, Waterline, Alice in Wonderland, Caterpillar, Ricketty) and biking-only trails that intersect with pedestrian-only trails (for example, BTI runs across lower Bandersnatch and Alice runs across the top of Bandersnatch) it is very important to be aware of oncoming mountain bike traffic. Most mountain bike riders are cautious and courteous and will see you before you see them, and many riders will shout out “behind you” or “on your left.” Oftentimes they will also let you know there are “three more behind,” for example; however, this is not always the case. Always be prepared to quickly move off to the side if you are on a multiuse trail and look both ways before crossing intersections like BTI at Bandersnatch. Study the map and know which trails are bike-only trails (for example, Jabberwocky, BTI, Lizard), which are pedestrian-only (for example, Bandersnatch, Red Queen, Lewis Loops), and which are multiuse (for example, Hitt Road, Fell on Knee, Waterline, No Candies, Ricketty, Caterpillar).