Watershed Roads (For Social Distance Recreation)

Watershed Roads (For Social Distance Recreation)

58+ miles of dirt road (broadly construed) exist in the Ashland watershed and immediately south of town.

Suggestion: since more people are using the roads, consider staying on the right side (instead of side-by-side) to allow people easy separation.

The green routes below represent dirt roads and also a few trails that were originally roads and are mostly still wide enough for 6-foot social distancing (e.g., Hitt Rd, Alice in Wonderland, Bull Gap and a big chunk of Eastview, part of the TID Ditch etc).  Many other trails have wide sections, but are not uniformly wide enough (e.g., White Rabbit).

Blue icons represent parking. Click on an icon to bring up driving directions based on an address you type in.

Zoom in to see the names of trails and roads. Zoom out for a fuller perspective.

Trails and roads may contain snow.

Here are a couple of sample routes:

Photo is FS 2080-200 (the road from Four Corners to Bull Gap).

Updated: 04/05/2020