White Rabbit Emigrant View

White Rabbit Trail

   – Distance: ~ 2.1 miles
   – Min/max elev.: 2483’/3300′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 1094’/-416′

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Multi-use White Rabbit trail connects the White Rabbit trailhead (and Alice in Wonderland) on FS Rd 2060 with Oredon-Todd Woods and Siskiyou Mountain Park trails. Various loop possibilities with the Mike Uhtoff and other trails exist. The trail starts gently from Park Street (or from the Oredson-Todd Woods trailhead) and then steeply ascends up to various lookout spots (the Looking Glass extension, for instance) with benches strategically placed for views. The trail then heads down and then back up to meet the Queen of Hearts trail and eventually the White Rabbit trailhead on FS Rd 2060.

The trail features some huge granite boulders near Looking Glass and some great views of the Rogue Valley, Emigrant Lake and Grizzly Peak. The eastern part of the trail receives a lot of sun and so can be devoid of snow when other areas are not. The western section, meanwhile is mostly tree-covered, especially with Madrone.

According to historian, Jeff Lalande, many of the road-width trails like White Rabbit in Sisikyou Mountain Park and Oredson-Todd Woods were built to salvage burned timber from the 1973 Hillview Fire. In other words, they were never designed as trails, per se.

AWTA has done considerable work on this trail over the years, including the installation of the aforementioned benches (three) as well as various attempts to thwart erosion using soil amendments, grading and fabric.

Written by Torsten Heycke 05/16/2020

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