Witzend Trail

   – Distance: ~ .1 mile
   – Min/max elev.: 2223’/2322′
   – Elev. gain/loss: 100’/-1′

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Witzend is a short pedestrian connector trail joining Glenview Dr (and the Witzend trailhead) to Ashland Loop Rd.

This trail was built by AWTA in the winter of 2006-7 in response to Jeff McFarland’s (Ashland Parks and Rec Commission) request. Originally called Rich’s trail, after Rich Vanderwyst, the trail was designed to improve safety (get people off Ashland Loop Rd lower down), control erosion, and meet the Master Trail Plan goal of increasing trail connectivity.

To address trail user safety concerns, work crews from the JobCouncil’s Forestry Program and the Lithia Boys Home built three hundred feet of wood pole fencing in two sections along the cliff top above the adjacent storage pit. A gate was put in the upper fence section to allow the fire department to continue to use the area for rescue training. AWTA volunteers cut the trail bed and installed log curbing. Geologists advised in the design and construction of the trail and proposed including geo textile fabric and gravel with occasional water bars for erosion control.  Ponderosa and Sugar pine were also planted by AWTA volunteers to provide additional future neighbor view screening.

When it came to officially signing the trail, the trail name was changed to Witzend, a reference to an Alice in Wonderland location in the Disney movie.

Written by Torsten Heycke on 05/16/2020

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