Hiking in Lithia Park

photo by David Chapman

Welcome to the Ashland Woodland & Trails Association (AWTA), a private, non-profit group committed to helping Ashland preserve, maintain and provide appropriate public access to the city’s woodlands and trails for the people of our community.

Today, Ashland boasts a park system of 180 acres of developed park land, 463 acres of undeveloped park land, and over 20 miles of trails – all centered around Lithia Park, Ashland’s 93-acre crown jewel. To help ensure a lasting trails legacy, we helped prepare, in 2006, the Ashland Trails Master Plan for city lands. In 2010, we began working with the Forest Service to create a trails plan for the Ashland watershed,  and in 2011, submitted our Master Trails Plan for the Ashland watershed.  In 2014, the Forest Service completed their Environmental Assessment of our plan and proposed two options. We’re awaiting a decision.

Learn about our mission, come to one of our trail events, review and print our trail maps, become a member, or make a donation.

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