Hiking in Lithia Park

photo by David Chapman

Welcome to the Ashland Woodlands & Trails Association (AWTA), a private, non-profit group committed to helping Ashland preserve, maintain and provide appropriate public access to the city’s woodlands and trails for the people of our community.

Today, Ashland boasts a park system of 180 acres of developed park land, 463 acres of undeveloped park land, and over 20 miles of trails – all centered around Lithia Park, Ashland’s 93-acre crown jewel. While this is an immense accomplishment for a community of our size, Ashland is at greater risk than ever to suffer the effects of development and trail closure. We need your help to preserve more of Ashland’s trails and open space and create a master trail system for our community.

We now have a separate website detailing the Ashland Woodlands Master Trails Plan. Please read. Your comments are encouraged.

Learn about our mission, come to one of our trail events, review and print our trail maps, become a member, or make a donation.

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