Snark – Bandersnatch – Gryphon Loop

    – 3.6 miles
    – 900 ft of vertical

Start at Witzend parking and head south on Waterline and turn right very shortly onto Snark. You’ll be above Ashland Creek for awhile. Snark leaves the creek and then starts to climb rather steeply eventually into a shaded glen. It then turns north and crosses Jabberwocky and rolls up and down and eventually intersects with Bandersnatch. Turn right at Bandersnatch and immediately right again at Red Queen. Continue for about 1/3 of a mile to Gryphon and turn up and proceed another 1/3 of a mile to reach Bandersnatch. Turn left on Bandersnatch and return all the way back down to the Waterline trail and eventually to the Witzend Trailhead.

There is a substantial amount of climbing and descending on this single-track hike. Watch out for downhill mt bikes on Waterline (both Jabberwocky and BTI downhill bike routes finish here). The occasional, rare rider also uses Snark. Poison oak grows along the sunnier exposures of Snark, so pay attention to that as well.

Created by Torsten Heycke. Updated October 18, 2023.

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