1. Snark-Bandersnatch Loop

  • 2.5 miles
  • 900 ft of vertical

Start at Witzend parking and head south on Waterline passing Bandersnatch, BTI and Jabberwocky. You’ll be above Ashland Creek for awhile and just when you start to turn away from Ashland Creek is where Snark begins. Snark climbs steeply before entering a shady glen, now just barely on Forest Service property. Snark then turns north and crosses Jabberwocky and rolls up and down eventually intersecting with Bandersnatch. Turn left and back to Waterline and Witzend. There is a substantial amount of climbing and descending in this interesting single-track hike. Watch out for downhill mt bikes on Waterline (both Jabberwocky and BTI downhill bike routes finish here). The occasional, rare rider also uses Snark. Poison oak grows along the sunnier exposures of Snark, so pay attention to that as well.